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Do you find that some of your students are ill-prepared in properly conducting research or in writing research papers? For instance, are they challenged in properly evaluating sources or developing a more balanced point-of-view to their assessments and research projects? Do you find yourself taking time away from your teaching plan to review the basics of research?

If so, then check out Questia, a learning tool designed to take the pain out of research and enable your students to ultimately comprehend and synthesize quality source material. With Questia, your students will enjoy…

  • Access to accurate, reliable information via an always-available huge digital library of scholarly books and journal articles - no excuses for random web searches or finding proper sources.
  • Their own individual digital workspaces to help them better organize and cite their research, an area many students cite as their biggest challenge.
  • Engaging and assignable video-based research tutorials designed to demystify the research and paper-writing process in short, digestible segments, leaving you free to focus more on the critical thinking and arguments within their assignments.

YES, I want to learn more about how Questia can help my classroom advance. YES, I want to learn more about how Questia can help my classroom advance.

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What educators say about Questia

The quote and citation functions take out a lot of the mystery of these tasks for students, allowing them to focus on more important aspects of the research and writing projects, like contextualizing the sources and supporting their arguments. The bibliography works well, too.
First, the added value of having such a wide range of academically sound sources available reduces students’ tendencies to rely on low quality information. Second, the ability to interact with and annotate a source on screen will enable students to create accurate and effective notes. The citation tools are exemplary, ensuring accuracy and flexibility in citing source material.
The thousands of research topics is most impressive; that gives students a wide range of potential writing subjects. The supplemental material (texts, magazines, etc.) provides a wealth of material for support.
I was delightfully surprised by the quality of scholarly resources available in the Questia site. Just in the literature portion alone, there are numerous subdivisions of literary types, well-organized by culture, theme, genre, and theory. Totally impressive. I believe my students would find this site incredibly valuable to their research–as would I.
The project covers all of the major areas that I stress in composition classes. I am particularly impressed with the progression described in the first ten research tutorials, since this very closely mirrors the areas that I stress in my classes.
This is everything that I try to teach students and then some in terms of writing a summary and integrating sources.
The research tutorials address the concepts and skills that students need to learn, and I love the idea that examples and exercises would take students further into the site.
iconLarge Library of Quality Content

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  • Over 78,000 cover-to-cover cross-curricular books
  • Original works like The Scarlet Letter, Hamlet, Jane Eyre, The Red Badge of Courage, Pride & Prejudice, and more.
  • Includes content from over 250 of the world’s leading publishers, including Oxford University Press, Taylor & Francis, Princeton University Press and Wiley.

iconRobust Research and Paper-Writing Tools

  • Student tools include highlighting, note taking, bookmarks and project folders
  • Automatically generated citations and bibliographies in MLA, APA or Chicago format drives focus to content, not commas
  • Librarian-selected topic pages provide great resrouce lists or starting points for papers

iconVast Information Literacy Courseware

  • Our unique research tutorials provide interactive instruction on how to research and properly write papers, with multimedia instructional material available to facilitate different learning styles.
  • Select and assign readings for your students to complete
  • Select and assign any of the research tutorial videos, or example pdfs- to help your students write better research papers
  • Utilize built-in quizzes to assess student comprehension and remediate.
  • From your instructor dashboard, follow your students’ progress and performance as well as automatically export scores into your grade-book.
Assigning Questia to your students
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