Biotechnology: Selected full-text books and articles

Biotechnology: How Far Should Researchers Go? By Gregory M. Lamb writer of The Christian Science Monitor The Christian Science Monitor, January 5, 2004
Biotechnology and Food Security By Zilberman, David; Kaplan, Scott; Kim, Eunice; Sexton, Steven; Barrows, Geoffrey Journal of International Affairs, Vol. 67, No. 2, Spring-Summer 2014
Biotechnology and the Human Good By C. Ben Mitchell; Edmund D. Pellegrino; Jean Bethke Elshtain; John F. Kilner; Scott B. Rae Georgetown University Press, 2006
Genetically Engineered Crops in the United States By Jorge Fernandez-Cornejo; Seth Wechsler; Mike Livingston; Lorraine Mitchell United States. Department of Agriculture. Economic Research Service, 2014
Engineering Trouble: Biotechnology and Its Discontents By Rachel A. Schurman; Dennis Doyle Takahashi Kelso University of California Press, 2003
Medical Biotechnology: Achievements, Prospects and Perceptions By Albert Sasson United Nations University Press, 2005
Ethics and the Business of Bioscience By Margaret L. Eaton Stanford Business Books, 2004
Patent First, Ask Questions Later: Morality and Biotechnology in Patent Law By Bagley, Margo A William and Mary Law Review, Vol. 45, No. 2, December 2003
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