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Publication Issues Newest issue Oldest issue Articles
Business Review (Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia) Number of issues: 66 Newest issue: 12/22/2015 Oldest issue: 11/1/1999 Number of articles: 274
Economic Insights Number of issues: 12 Newest issue: 12/22/2018 Oldest issue: 3/22/2016 Number of articles: 41
Economic Review Number of issues: 161 Newest issue: 6/1/2013 Oldest issue: 1/1/1990 Number of articles: 3,078
Economic Trends Number of issues: 193 Newest issue: 2/24/2016 Oldest issue: 9/1/2001 Number of articles: 1,346
EconSouth Number of issues: 47 Newest issue: 1/1/2014 Oldest issue: 12/22/2001 Number of articles: 441
Ideas on Liberty Number of issues: 46 Newest issue: 11/1/2003 Oldest issue: 1/1/2000 Number of articles: 1,184
The International Economy Number of issues: 83 Newest issue: 1/1/2020 Oldest issue: 5/1/2000 Number of articles: 1,187
International Trade Forum Number of issues: 101 Newest issue: 7/1/2020 Oldest issue: 1/1/1990 Number of articles: 2,009
Partners in Community and Economic Development Number of issues: 28 Newest issue: 6/22/2011 Oldest issue: 3/22/2001 Number of articles: 215
Regional Economist Number of issues: 97 Newest issue: 10/1/2019 Oldest issue: 10/1/1995 Number of articles: 669
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